Your Professional Health Assistant

Mipha® is a free “One Health” app designed to assist you, whether you are a health care worker or not, to take more control of your own health, the health of the people, animals and plants around you, and the health your environment.

Mipha® stands for “MProfessional Health Assistant” (pronounced “My-Pa”) and is designed to be a “reassuring and helping hand” for you, via your mobile phone.  Mipha® will enable you to safely and effectively report useful information, check symptoms, learn more about diseases and conditions,  view real-time outbreak data and use rapid diagnostic tests (RDT’s). 

Rapid test kits that are validated by the Mipha team will provide you with reassurance that you can more accurately detect the presence of conditions, diseases, pests and toxins and then capture the results automatically to allow Mipha to better advise you on the next steps to take.

Our response to the coronavirus COVID-19 disease pandemic:

The CoviGuard App, powered by Mipha was developed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak which is now a pandemic.

The Mipha App has been in development for other disease and pest epidemics for the past 3 years, and has served various academic and research roles to date, but with the advent of the novel coronavirus disease COVID-19 it has proven to be ready ahead of its time in its ability to rapidly contribute towards managing the pandemic.

Core to the app’s value proposition is that it allows real-time notification from stakeholders to users of the app, about key information relevant to the general public.  Notifications of new policies or regulations that have been announced from government, and useful government sanctioned information about the disease. 

Most recently Mipha is being used by the South African Port Health Authority to validate COVID-19 PCR test results from various laboratories.

Compatible with Android, IOS, Windows and other systems.

Download and use the app now for free!